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The Whereigo feature is intriguing and I look forward to trying it out. The high-resolution screen, along with the DEM data embedded in Topo U.S. 2008, allows it to display gorgeous shaded relief maps (see image at right) and 3-D terrain. Ver. 5.90 — 04/07/2014 Improved average ascent and average descent data fields.Improved vertical speed and grade data fields. When you get home, you then log onto and can import this data into your account, again you have to be a premium member for this feature. Ver. 4.90 — 11/16/2011 Added Photo Viewer application (go to Setup -> Main Menu to add to the current profile).Improvements to the geocaching experience. See for details on which units are chirp™ compatible. NOTE: Due to the hardware present in Colorado devices, chirp™ detection range may be less than that of other compatible devices. For example, you can’t even see big cities like London or Paris on the map. It’s is limited to a much lower quality of shading with border lines. The purple line indicates the direction to the waypoint I am navigating to. Other Resources The User Manual is available for download from Garmin. Just take your pick from our preprogrammed SD cards, including street maps, topographic maps, coastal charts or inland lake data.

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This is similar to previous Garmin models, but it appears you can only ‘Tracback’ using your current track and not on a saved track.Miscellaneous FeaturesImage ViewerAllows you to load digital photos in the Oregon in the unit’s memory and then use it as a picture viewer. Apparently there is an issue involving the unit thinking the cable should power the unit and I have spoken to Garmin Tech Support about this. I have successfully got the NMEA to work with APRS for amateur radio. Поймав нужный угол зрения изображение экрана можно рассмотреть. The mounting rail works well with the car mount and is much easier to use than the 60CSx’s car mount. Страница 1 из 7 На земле или на море – вы никогда не заблудитесь, если захватите с собой Colorado 300, который имеет высокочувствительный приемник, базовую карту мира, антибликовый яркий цветной 3” дисплей с высоким разрешением. You have to buy Garmin’s official power cables for the Oregon or the unit will go into mass storage mode. And it recalcuates routes, instantly.8. The Colorado supports NMEA capability. I had not expected this at all, as it is not listed in the specs. Ver. 3.40 — 11/25/2009 Added profile support for Garmin Custom Maps.Fixed lockup while using GB Discoverer maps.

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The controls are easily reached with your thumb, whether you’re left or right-handed. The Colorado 300 is the same unit, but without the preloaded TOPO maps. Gear up and explore the backcountry with the all-terrain Colorado 300. Packed with features, it includes a built-in basemap, high-sensitivity receiver, barometric altimeter, electronic compass, SD™ card slot, color display, picture viewer and more. Rolling the input wheel rotates through the options. Once paired with the Colorado 300, the GPS will never receive a conflicting signal from another sensor. So you can exercise in close proximity to other sensors without fear of interference. You can now also edit directly when selecting a Waypoint for review.Share WirelesslyGarmin’s ANT system allows you to trade waypoints, geocaches, routes or tracks between other Garmin compatible units. Notably, the beta updates have added waypoint averaging, ‘Sight n Go’, corrected some ongoing issues with the gps chip software and improved the ability to customize the Oregon and better manage waypoint data.

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Information for navigation: 5 preset profiles (Recreational, Geocaching, Car, Marine, Fitness). Provides fast switching between different configuration settings of the device. Частично эта проблема компенсируется высокой контрастностью и чёткостью экрана. These units are now shipping (read more on the 550 series here) and Garmin has also announced the Dakota series, a smaller, scaled back, but similar unit to the Oregon 200, 300, 400 units. Corrected issue that changed map setting to north up if reviewing a point on the map. Simply press the lower right hand corner of the satellite page while in Demo Mode and it will bring up a map. You can then access this bitmap image by connecting the Oregon to your computer and finding it in a folder called ‘scrn.’ You can also lock the screen on the Oregon. You can also sort it by either the actual cache name, or waypoint name, ie: «GC8Y90P» style name. Ничего! Прибор будет писать точки и треки в какую то другую память… Сколько ресурс памяти пока не понятно… А в доступную память трек с точками в формате GPX попадает при включении прибора. The TOPO maps with the terrain shading capability, are very good. Ver. 2.60 — 07/12/2011 Improved camera Low Light Mode (650 and 650t).Improved route recalculations with 24K TOPO maps.Fixed intermittent voice issues when navigating.Fixed issues with orientation lock after a power cycle.Fixed intermittent issues with Address and Intersection searches.

System requirements IBM-compatible PC running Windows XP or later operating system and an available USB port. Overall I have found good reception both outside and inside. Ver. 3.10 — 06/18/2012 Added new route activity types and improved BaseCamp compatibility. Fixed issue where the Colorado would temporarily stop responding after a spell search. Stores 1000 waypoints with name (30 characters), icon (choice of more than 150 symbols), comments (50 characters), coordinates, elevation and depth. Map panning is much improved in the Oregon, from the Colorado. FitnessThe Oregon has a Fitness profile and allows for fitness add ons, including Garmin’s heart rate monitor and bike cadence sensor. I have only tried the heart rate monitor and it will show your heart beats per minute, on one of the data fields. The Oregon has a Track Manager and we are very happy with the track features in the Oregon, after big disappointment with the Colorado’s track system. See TrailTech ( -adventures.html) for more information.Added support for new tempe sensor. Ver. 6.10 — 03/19/2015 Fixed possible shutdown when scrolling through the waypoints list. The Elevation page still needs some work, including the ability to plot an elevation location and then bring that location up on the map page.