Руководство для чайников samsung galaxy tab3

Apps come pre-installed on your device and you can download additional apps from Google Play. If you decide to, 2. Touch Menu Uninstall to display the Uninstall you can uninstall apps you downloaded from Google Play and screen. When disabled, songs play in the order they appear in List view. 9. Progress Bar: Touch and drag the end of the progress bar to scan forward or backward through the current song. Whereas high levels of RF can produce health effects While RF energy does not ionize particles, large amounts can (by heating tissue), exposure to low level RF that does not increase body temperatures and cause tissue damage. Search the internet using the Google search engine. Page 95: Viewing Photos And Videos Share via to share the photo or video. Скудная и запутанная документация? Не беда! На помощь придет Дэн Гукин со своей новой книгой из серии …для чайников.

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Пора приступить к разборке! 1. Итак, в руках специалистов iFixit планшет Samsung Galaxy Tab. Page 16: Got Google, Make It Google Got Google? For Email accounts, touch Settings to manage various settings for that account. Page 58: Managing Your Email Accounts Managing Your Email Accounts 4. Touch Next to go to the next screen or touch Previous to go to the Apps screen. Page 99: Kies Via Wi-fi Kies Via Wi-Fi Connecting With Samsung Kies 1. Install Samsung Kies software on your PC. Samsung Kies is a software that enables you to update your device firmware, synchronize files, and transfer data to and Warning! The following are the applications that display when you touch Apps from the Kids Mode Home screen. Однако фирме Samsung это удалось: белая задняя панель выделяется на фоне лицевой панели а-ля iPad. Page 105: Kies Via Wi-fi Kies Via Wi-Fi Connecting With Samsung Kies 1. Install Samsung Kies software on your PC. Samsung Kies is a software that enables you to update your device firmware, synchronize files, and transfer data to and Warning! Paint can clog the nature of the sound, the device settings, and the headphones device’s moving parts or ventilation openings and prevent that are used. Enable or disable installation of non-Google Play Touch Internet or Chrome and select Always or Just applications.

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That makes it a little bigger and bulkier than last year’s Galaxy Tab 3 7.0. The specs aren’t quite as impressive either, but that’s to be expected from a ‘Lite’ device. Touch device easier for those with certain physical disabilities. Share updates and see what is going on around you with For more information, refer to “Gallery” on page 82. Google+ for mobile. Touch and hold the folder until the Remove icon The Select wallpaper from pop-up displays the displays, then drag the folder to the Remove icon. following options: Note: Any App shortcuts in the folder are also removed.

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Page 53: Groups Groups Renaming a Group To rename a group that you created: Assign contacts to Groups to make searching for contacts 1. Touch Contacts. faster or to quickly send messages to group members. Touch Add Wi-Fi network to enter a Network SSID that is 2. If you do not agree to provide Samsung the error log not listed. data from any Software Update failure your device Touch Scan to make sure you have an accurate list of experiences, touch the No thanks button. Touch Set Lock screen, or on both the Home and Lock screens. You must sign up enable or disable Remote controls. When ABC mode is enabled, For more information, refer to “Configuring the Samsung the Shift key background turns blue. Трёхлопастные винты – не самая сильная преграда для вскрытия планшета народными умельцами. У нас есть комплект отвёрток с 26 насадками (включая Tri-wing), чтобы продолжить расправу над планшетом. Page 49: Primary Shortcuts, Other App Shortcuts There are also other application shortcuts on the Home communicating with a Wireless Access Point (WAP). screens, such as Kids mode, Alarm, Gallery, Dropbox, Samsung Apps, and Play Store. Applications that you download and install using Standard mode.

All rights reserved. Do you have questions about your Samsung Mobile Device? Note: Unless stated otherwise, instructions in this user manual Understanding This User Manual start with the device unlocked, at the Home screen. For more information, refer to “Camera and Camcorder” on 1. Page 106: Downloads, Contacts, Dropbox Contacts 6. Touch Sort by size or Sort by date, at the bottom of the Downloads pop-up, to switch back and forth. Continue entering characters and touch the Go key to 1. Touch Internet. load the page. Page 51 Joining Contacts • Favorites: Show only your favorite, or starred, contacts. Ориентируйтесь на местности. С помощью приложений Карты и Компас определите свое местонахождение и проложите кратчайший маршрут к цели.

For more information about using the lock and unlock features, see Location Services “Securing Your Device” on page 16. You value your privacy. After using this option, the most recent Viewer to view or play, share, delete, or edit your photos and videos. Page 55: Favorites Favorites Note: Touch Groups above the Contacts List and then touch Mark contact records with a gold star to identify them Starred in Android to list the Favorites that are being as favorites. saved on your Google account. Page 70: Youtube YouTube YouTube Menu From the YouTube main screen: View and upload YouTube videos right from your device. For more information, refer to “Date and Time” on Getting Started in Kids Mode page 144. Page 23: Navigating The Device Navigating the Device Screen Capture Use command buttons and the touch screen to navigate. Page 174: Responsible Listening cloth slightly dampened in a mild soap-and-water permanent noise-induced hearing loss. Page 162: Battery Use And Safety Notice regarding legal restrictions on mounting this device in impaired. Touch the All tab to download speech recognition 2. Touch Default and select a keyboard. for other languages. Trip Advisor Use Trip Advisor to get help to get from here to there. 1. Touch Trip Advisor. 2. Sign in with your Samsung Account. 3. Follow the on-screen instructions. Figure out Take pictures, using the front or back camera. Page 91 10. To play a video, touch Play.

The Task Manager application provides information about applications, including Active applications, Downloaded, 6. Touch Help to view useful tips for extending battery life. RAM manager, Storage, and Help. Page 40: Apps Screen Customizing the Multi Window Tray To manually change the order of the icons on the Apps screen: You can choose applications to display on the Multi Window 1. From a Home screen, touch Apps. Огромное спасибо порталу Engadget и редактору Ричарда Лаю лично за предоставленное неземное устройство. Page 27: Extended Home Screen, Display Settings 8. Google Search: Search the web by typing or speaking.

You can set a default text entry method in Settings. Check your inbox for a discount code for 10% off your first purchase. Page 127 Bluetooth 1. Touch Settings Wi-Fi. 2. Touch the OFF / ON icon to turn Wi-Fi on. Welcome to Samsung Sign up & get 10% off Sign up and get 10% off your first order of $100 or more! Touch and Preloaded applications such as Google Play Books, Google Play Magazines, Google Play Store, Music Hub, and Polaris Office. For more information, refer to “Apps Screen” on page 35. There are shortcuts available that link to apps that you might need while working in other apps, such as Internet, Alarm, ChatON, Chrome, Contacts, Email, Gallery, Gmail, My Files, Polaris Office, S Note, S Planner, and so on. Touch the Search field and 2. Touch a contact in the Contacts list to view its enter a keyword to list contacts that contain that keyword. You can also share or hide your walking or driving directions. location. Page 25: Accessing Kids Mode Applications Accessing Kids Mode Applications Removing Cards from the Kids Mode Home Screen The Apps screen displays all applications installed for 1. From the Kids Mode Home screen, touch Menu children on your wireless device. Set up and manage wireless access points. 1. Touch Settings Wi-Fi. Touch Settings Wi-Fi, and then touch Scan.

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